A Unique Approach

While a lot of learning centers primarily provide baby sitting and traditional childcare services, our center is much more engaging. Our providers create activities and let children explore, all in a supervised and secure environment. For us, it is all about helping children develop and grow.

'What Family Members Have to Say'

"The providers and staff at STM Christian Daycare/Preschool Academy provided my grandchildren with the extra guidance and support they needed to do well in school. I truly appreciate them and the academy." Ms. Mary Johnson, St. Robert, MO



for Children

Since 2012, STM Christian Daycare / Preschool Academy has been an admired and respected early childhood learning center. Our curriculum and teaching methods are based on proven engagement and interaction models, which provide children with engaging and direct learning opportunities.

We are dedicated to serving the families of our community, providing high quality early learning and extended childcare services. By providing for children, we provide for the community and build a brighter future for everyone.

Our Mission

"Hello Margaret. Thank you so much for meeting with me today. I would like to review the visit with you. We completed a walk-through of your child care space and reviewed your physical space, outside play area and local ordinances and regulations. You have done very well with providing a safe environment for the care of the children. It is clear that you care about these children and are passionate about a positive environment for them. 

'The Missouri Child Care Monitoring Unit commented'